•Size 3.5'x10'

•Royal blue lamé background*

•Fully lined satin back

•Gold lamé lettering embellished with sequins

•Tinsel fringe

•Several rows of sequin trim around outer edge


King of Kings

•Size 3.5'x10'

•Purple lamé background*

•Fully lines satin back

•Lamé lettering and design, fullyl embellished with sequins and rhinestones

•Several rows of sequin trim around outer edge

•Gold tassels and cord decorate long tinsel fringe at top


Lion of Judah

•Size 3.5'x10'

•Red satin background

•Purple lamé lettering

•Gold and brown lamé lion

•Design and lettering embellished with sequins

•Sequin design around outer edge

•Long fringe top

Come Holy Spirit

•Size 3.5'x10'

•Lavendar lamé background*

•Fully lined satin back

•Lamé lettering and design - all embellished with sequins

•Elaborate sequin edge trim design

•White chiffon drape

The Word and the Spirit

•Size 3.5'x10'

•Dark blue velveteen background

•Lamé letters and design completely embellished with sequins and lots of rhinestones

•Outlined in several layers of sequin trim

•Red sequin knit drape

Rejoice Banner

•Size 3.5'x7'

•Red satin background

•Lamé letters and design embellished with sequins

•Outlined in several layers of sequin trim

•12" gold chainette fringe along top

Your Love
$550 (without side panels $475)

•Size 5'x9'

•Deep purple velveteen background

•Lamé lettering and design all outlined with sequins

•6" purple fringe at bottom

*these lamé banners are some of my earliest banners. Since then I have discovered that other fabrics make a smoother background (such as satin, bengaline, velveteen, brocade and light weight upholstery fabrics). I now prefer to use these kinds of fabrics.

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